“I am a patient at the Women’s Health Specialist in Redford and I see Dr. Chadi Haddad. I LOVE THIS OFFICE. First, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They do their best to get you appointments that fit your schedule. They get to know you and treat you like a person. Second, Dr. Haddad is the best. He has done both my OB and GYN visits and for both he is exceptional. I don’t feel the normal discomfort I feel during my exams. As a matter of fact I feel no discomfort and it is over before you know it! During my pregnancy I had many fears. Dr. Haddad eased my fears and cared. That was the most important. I didn’t feel like a number. I felt like a cared about patient. I don’t know what it is about Dr. Haddad, but he is like my angel or something really close. I don’t say that freely, there is something about him. He made my pregnancy the best it could be. He doesn’t force anything on you that you are not comfortable with. All his advice during my pregnancy was always correct and worked. He really knows what he is doing. He doesn’t guess or just give the typical response. He takes time to make sure that you are happy and doing well. Going against his advice was a big no-no, he doesn’t just tell you from a medical standpoint, he will also give you the realistic insight as well. So if you go against him, you are bound for a not so positive outcome. He is just never wrong! I am moving to Texas and I still want more children, I may come back just to have Dr. Haddad as my OB because after seeing him, I don’t think I could trust anyone else.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment you can achieve…”

Married and love it!!!,
ReyMona B.

“I had the Essure procedure done after giving birth to my fourth child. The procedure is so quick and convenient that I was able to get it done two days before Christmas without any interruptions to my holiday plans. Dr Haddad is very compassionate and professional. I felt completely comfortable and the procedure was absolutely painless. I thought my appointment would take a couple of hours, so I sent my husband on errands and had to wait for him to pick me up because the procedure was so quick. My office wait and procedure combined was on hour, in and out. This was a great experience for me because it exceeded my expectations and cancelled all the fears I had of a surgical procedure.”

Artema Byrd

"What a journey it has been! Thank you for always being respectful of my wishes and being kind to me when the circumstances seemed grim. You are a fabulous doctor with an amazing bedside manner. Thank you for being an instrument for God. He truly brought forth a miracle here! I am especially grateful you chose to keep me as a patient rather than sending me off to MFM. You never acted as if you had all the answers yet you were very supportive and caring. My family will always hold you in high regard. Never lose sight of why you do what you do! You are a wonderful doctor. God Bless You!!!!”

Christa Parsons and family.